MASUMI KAI 19th Event "Shall we make Vietnamese traditional lacquer craft👩🏻‍🎚🖌👩🏌‍🎚&quot

Kindly refer to the details of 19th event of Masumi Kai below: Title: Shall we make Vietnamese traditional lacquer craft👩🏻‍🎚🖌👩🏌‍🎚 As you know, I want to call Vietnam the Kingdom of Handmaid Art. Handmaid products have additional charm than industrial products because these products are personal from people who created them. For example, you can see a lot of products with embroidery and dyed fabric, accessory of buffalo horn, ceramic one and Ao Dai etc.. around here.

We will use Vietnamese lacquer in this class. You may also use paint color lacquer and decorate eggshell, sea shell, or parts of wood on the board, box and top of necklace.👩🏌‍🎚✚💛 Any design will do.🙆‍♀👍🏻

Normally, it’s very difficult to use lacquer in a class because of quality of the Vietnamese lacquer. BUT, this time is so special!!! In fact, you are also lucky because a famous art professor would come and share his knowledge just today.👚‍🎚✚

Lacquer also known as "Urushi" in Japanese is also famous in creating traditional art in Japan. Some people who has an experience in Japan art can compare with this Vietnamese lacquer.

Join us with this special class!

👩‍🎚Date : 29th Aug 2018 (Sat) 9:00〜11:30a.m ⏱Schedule Please be on time! 9:00: Start time 9:15〜11:00 :Workshop proper. We can select to paint either box, board or accessory.

👩🏌‍🎚Location: Tay Ho district

👩🏻‍🎚Cost: 480,000vnd / person over 6 years old

👩‍🎚👜Just bring yourself, we'll take care of the rest!

❀💛❀Please sign up by this following link till 23rd Sep (SUN) if you want to join. ❀💛❀ ⌚🖱

If you want to participate, please think of a personal design, image, and color. Your friend might also be interested. Please send us the details of your friend. 😀💌✚

こんばんは 真柄䌚 第19匟䌁画のご案内をお送りしたす。 今回のテヌマは、「ベトナムの䌝統工芞 挆塗りしたしょ👩🏻‍🎚🖌👩🏌‍🎚」の巻です💓

ベトナムは、ハンドメむド王囜。刺繍、染め物、氎牛の角、陶噚、アオザむなどなど、味の出るハンドメむドものが溢れおいたすね。 今回は、ベトナムの工芞品䜜りなだけに、ベトナム補の挆を䜿いたす。 様々な色の挆で絵付け、卵の殻や貝殻、朚のパヌツなどで朚補の箱、ボヌド、もしくはペンダントトップにデコレヌションもできたす👩🏻‍🎚✚💛各個人奜きなデザむンでOK🙆‍♀👍🏻 通垞ベトナムでは、挆の質の関係䞊、䞀回きりの挆塗り䜓隓は厳しいのですが、今回は特別にベトナムで挆に関する、👚‍🎚ある倧教授が真柄䌚の䌁画に協力頂き、挆塗りを䞀床でもできるやり方を教えおくれるこずになりたした💓

日本でも䌝統工芞で有名な挆。挆䜓隓したこずがある方は比范できるかもしれたせんね。 ぜひ、ベトナムの挆塗りをこの貎重な機䌚に䜓隓しおみたせんか

👩‍🎚日時:2018幎9月29日土午前9:00〜 11:30

⏱スケゞュヌル 9:00集合 9:15〜11:00 挆塗りワヌクショップ 挆塗りをするものは、各自1点。ボックス、ボヌド、ペンダントトップのいずれかを遞べたす。

👩🏌‍🎚堎所:Tay Ho 区ワヌクショップ

👩🏻‍🎚費甚:1人倧人480,000vnd 子䟛は6歳以䞊参加できたす。


❀💛❀人数把握のため9/23日たでに以䞋のリンクから参加のお返事をお願いしたす❀💛❀ ⌚🖱

たた、参加の方は、圓日たでにデザむンを考えおおいおくださいね お友達のお誘いOKです😀👍 その堎合は、お友達のフルネヌムを教えおください💌✚

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