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MASUMI KAI 17th Event "Shall we make nuts milk which is a popular Vegan drink? 🌱🍵🍃✨" 【告

We will send you the detail about 17th event of Masumi kai. 🏻

The content: Shall we make nuts milk which is a popular Vegan drink?

The popular nuts milk is effective for maintaining beauty and good health because this is rich in minerals. In addition, it has low calories and sugar. This is a popular Vegan food in Vietnam.

Almond and peanuts are rich in Vitamin E. In addition, these nuts have an antioxidant effect.

Vitamin E can protect your body from the oxidation effect which causes your body to look older. Therefore, this can help you feel younger because of the strengthened cells in your body.

Besides, Vitamin E can prevent wrinkles from quickly appearing in your face due to the oxidation that our body experiences.

Shall we make nuts milk from handsome chef this time?

🥜 ‍ Date : 12th Aug 2018 (Sun) 14:00 -16:00p.m


13:45 : Please come work shop!

14:00〜16:00 :Workshop

🥜 Make 4 kinds of nuts milk ( 2 nuts milk of basic class & 2 nuts milk of advanced class )

You can bring home 1 or 2 kinds of milk.

🥜Location: Workshop (Tay Ho or Hoan Kiem district)

🥜Cost: 400,000vnd / adult & children over 15 ages

🥜We will be able to take away 500ml of milk, or 2 bottles of 2 different milks (200ml each bottle).

So please bring your own bottle

🧡Please sign up till 6th Aug (Mon) if you want to join🧡

If your friend also want to join, please tell me the full name nhe!



そんな中本日は、真澄会第17弾企画 8月のイベントのご案内をお送りします

今回のテーマは、「ベトナムで今人気のビーガン料理 ナッツミルクを作ってみましょ🥛🥜🏼‍」の巻です




🥜‍日時:2018年8月12日(日)午後14:00〜 16:00



14:00〜16:00 ワークショップ




🥜費用:1人 大人&子供(15歳以上): 400,000vnd






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